Prime Marine Corporation

PYTHIA Monitoring System

PYTHIA is a Diesel Engine diagnostic and monitoring system developed by Dr Dimitrios T Hountalas, Professor for Internal Combustion Engines, School of Mechanical Engineering in the NTUA.

The diagnosis is mainly achieved by processing of the measured cylinder pressure data.

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Lake Trout Duct Installation

During May 2016, M/T “Lake Trout” had her dry dock in the Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Co. (ASRY) in the kingdom of Bahrain in order her performance, in terms of fuel / energy efficiency to get improved.

In this context, Prime tanker Management Inc. decided to install the so-called “Becker Mewis Duct”, an energy saving device that its positive results have been already proved in other company’s vessels.

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Prime’s Office Staff Training by Norsafe

On 10 & 12 May 2016, Prime’s office staff attended a free fall and conventional lifeboat maintenance course combined with real drills in Norsafe’s training facilities in Lavrio, Greece. A theoretical course had been preceded in Prime’s Training Centre.

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Green Angels

Since September 2015, Prime is member of “Green Angels”, a Standard Greek Community for Environmental Responsible Business founded by ICAP Group and Greenit Environmental. The main objective is the activation of business community for coordinated reduction of the environmental footprint in Greece.

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