Prime Marine Corporation

Prime delivers a wheelchair to the Social Service of the Municipality of Lykovrisi-Pefki

Prime Marine is very proud to announce the delivery of a wheelchair to the Social Service of the Municipality of Lykovrisi-Pefki.

Being an active member of Green Angels we have the opportunity to participate in such well-organized programmes and to enhance our Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts through targeted actions that increase also our environmental awareness.

This action is implemented further to Green Angels’ Initiative to collect plastic caps which are destined for recycling in order to be “turned into” wheelchairs for our fellow humans in need. A wheelchair is equivalent to a ton of caps; equivalent to about 540,000 pieces of plastic covers.

Prime’s employees manager to gather a large number of plastic caps within short period. Specifically, on the first Semester of 2018 Prime delivered to Green Angels two full bags with plastic caps of 68kg and 74kg accordingly with the aim not only to recycle plastic caps but also to turn them into wheelchairs that will be offered to our fellow humans in need.

This particular initiative is being implemented in partnership with the Pan-Hellenic Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents “Love for Life” and it combines the important environmental objective of recycling with a great social act.