Prime Marine Corporation

Prime Marine Becomes a Member of the Getting to Zero Coalition

The Getting to Zero Coalition is a powerful alliance of more than 130 organizations including companies within the maritime, energy, infrastructure, and finance sectors, and supported by key governments and IGOs.

The Ambition of the Coalition

To have commercially viable Zero-Emission Vessels (ZEVs) operating along deep-sea trade routes by 2030, supported by the necessary infrastructure for scalable net zero-carbon energy sources including production, distribution, storage and bunkering.


Coalition members are invited to take an active part in the development and dissemination of a shared knowledge base covering what is needed in terms of ship technology, fuels, market drivers, and policies to make ZEVs a reality.

1. Fuels, Technologies, and Transition Pathways

Narrowing of technology and fuel options as well as mapping out of safety implications, guidelines, and required regulations for scaling up new fuels.

2. Motivating First Movers

Exploration of policies, demand drivers, and funding mechanisms to motivate and de-risk first-mover investments. To get things moving in the next five years.

3. Closing the Competitiveness Gap

Exploration of policy instruments and market-based measures to close the competitiveness gap between conventional and zero-emission fuels and associated infrastructure to encourage mass uptake.

4. Global Opportunity for Zero Emission Fuels Exports

Charting countries with the potential to produce/export zero-emission fuels.