Prime Marine Corporation

Prime Marine’s head office remains carbon-neutral for 2021

Prime’s ship management arms, namely Prime Tanker Management Inc. and Prime Gas Management Inc. (together “Prime Marine”), became the world’s first ship management company to offset the emissions of its head office the previous years.

Prime Marine, which has been providing technical and commercial management services since 1998 and currently to 32 oil and chemical tankers and 4 gas carriers, including the world’s largest fleet of Panamax tankers, has now moved forward with the carbon neutrality of its head office since 2019.

Already the world’s first ship manager with an EN ISO14064-1-certified greenhouse gas emissions monitoring system for its head office since 2016, a member of the Green Angels since 2016, and the Getting-to-Zero Coalition since 2020, Prime Marine aims to continuously improve and reduce, as much as reasonably possible, its impact on climate change and align its management systems with the Paris Agreement trajectory and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and now further reduces its impact by offsetting all its head office’s greenhouse gases emissions annually as determined by GREENiT Environmental and certified by Eurocert.

Going forward, Prime Marine Management is also looking into extending its monitoring practice to all company-related green gases emissions, while investing also in new technologies and solutions that are continuously being developed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of its managed fleet.

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